Integrating Technology & Safety

Bootstrapping Intelligent Networks To increase safety in neighborhoods

Event: “Paz em Todo Bairro” | 04 of December, 2017 at 7PM

Event: “Paz em Todo Bairro” | 04 of December, 2017 at 7PM

The Challenge

We seek entrepreneurs, startups, and companies that utilize technology to solve problems relating to safety in their communities. Solutions must be general and sustainable, that is, take into consideration possible implementation in different neighborhoods of the city, and be subsidized by private initiatives. A diverse executive panel, consisting of business people, entrepreneurs, VCs, and citizens involved in civic action, and non-governmental institutions will curate submissions to be introduced to the community.


Brazil is in a moment of urban frailty, lack of political credibility, and lagging economic growth. Confronted with this scenario, it is fundamental to preserve both dignity and stability of its citizens. It’s only by means of ensuring public safety that we will be able to build a better Future. This is why we launched the “Paz em Todo Bairro” Challenge.

Project Categories

  • information

    what is the the current status of safety in Rio de Janeiro

  • existing technology platforms

    what existing platforms offer solutions for safety


    evaluate how existing platforms and solutions can be integrated in a ways that generate optimal usage and stakeholder synergy


    analyze how citizens utilize information and related to existing technologies


Sign-up Calendar

Sign-up: from 06 until Nov 25
Participant Selection: Nov 26
Invitations: Nov 27
*Limited spaces
**Confirmed guests will receive calendar and schedule details via email

Paz em Todo Bairro | 04 of December, 2017 at 7PM
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